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WE Are Featured In LOOK: Britain's Best Selling Fashion Magazine + A June Special For YOU!

I say WE, because I'm representing Indian women in LOOK Magazine's International Fashion Issue- 27th May, 2013. The story is all about beauty trends around the world, and I feel so proud that LOOK wanted to include India in it. A special Thank You to Look Magazine's Beauty EditorSamantha Freedman, for that. 
For those who follow IVC Facebook Page , remember I asked you some questions here? Well, it was for this. LOOK gave me a bunch of questions to answer, like: Favorite Indian Celebrities, Beauty Style, Most Popular Makeup Look, etc. But, understandably, they could only pick a few for the feature.
I'd like to THANK all of you who took some time out to tell me about your beauty styles. I was so overwhelmed by all the response! Please know that although I couldn't reply to all of you, I read all of your comments & emails.
The 5 other beauty bloggers are from Russia, Australia, Norway, Dubai & France.
LOOK Magazine:  What's your favorite makeup trick?
I mentioned the eyelash curler. It's the makeup trick I discovered and I'd mentioned it a few months back here . I am going to post a step-by-step tutorial. It's delayed because it's difficult for me to hold the camera, curler and brush at the same time, but I will manage somehow =)
That's the look I posted recently. I did it specially for this, because I didn't have recent headshots where I'm wearing 'normal' makeup. I wore that head piece to sort of add an Indian-esque accessory to my look. Products I used listed here

On 22nd May, I received an email from LOOK, asking for my address, so they could send me a copy of the issue. So thoughtful!
(It was my birthday, and God knew I needed something to make up for all the things I couldn't have, and all the phone calls I did not get.)
It hasn't reached me yet, but I bought one from the train station when I went to Edinburgh on the Friday, because I couldn't wait to see it! Good thing I did, otherwise I wouldn't have known about these fabulous Primark shoes.....
GOT 'EM! =) [Last Size 3 pair, btw. Phew! Will post pics soon.]

What's the June Special?
Well, I've decided June to be "Tutorial Month"! That's right, I'm planning at least 1 tutorial every week. Don't think I haven't noticed the lack of tutorials here lately, because I have. I've not stayed still long enough to do any, but I will make up for lost time. The 1st one will be posted on 1st June. I won't set a specific number of tutorials, and be disappointed with myself if I fail to reach it, so we'll just go with the flow, ya? ;)
Oh, you must have seen that 'Watch This Space', on the right there, for a while now. That's another thing I'm working on, and it's taking longer mainly because of my fickle-mindedness. It's just something new & fun, you'll know all about it sometime during Tutorial Month.

Hope you're excited about it, and if you have any requests, feel free to jot them down in the comment box below, or Email me.