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Mystery GIVEAWAY! Guess What's In The Heart-Shaped Box.... (CLOSED)

There are some things in this cute heart-shaped box.
Hint: One word only.
Can you guess what?
One person out of all those who guessed correctly will WIN 1 product in that box. I will reveal it in a blog post on Monday.
  • Contest is Open Worldwide.  
  • Closing Date: Monday, 20th May, 2013 at 7:00 PM IST.

Good Luck! =)

*This contest is CLOSED. 

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick Photos

Could you tell that I like clicking photos? Most of the time time, I click and click, and many many photos get stuck in my computer.  Like these. I've had these since the time I was in New Delhi, in March. No swatches, but hope you like the pictures.
MAC Pigeon ~ Bright cleanest pink. Matte finish.
Price ~ Rs.990
Limited Edition with MAC Strength Collection.

Pre-Birthday Haul

Since my birthday is next week, I'd gone to get my suit for that day, because I have to always wear a brand new outfit on my birthdays. It will fall on a weekday, so I doubt we'll do anything special, BUT Mr.CZ is taking me to Edinburgh that weekend. Mainly to shop, yes. Thing is, Dundee is a small town-like city, so many many things are missing. Primark is small and doesn't stock most of the stuff (like in Newcastle), Jane Norman is not here, MAC is not here (can you believe it?! I felt like fainting when I was told that.) Going to Edinburgh will be like going from Chandigarh to New Delhi, or Pune to Mumbai. One hour train ride. We'll stay there for a night.
We'll call this a warm up haul.