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LOTD: Not Good Enough For A Fashion Magazine....

Hey Cynthia,
Thanks for the mail but I'm afraid these pictures won't work. The two tones need to be clearly visible and the pink and nude doesn't show very well. Also, in terms of hair, these waves don't work too well, and I suggest you do the sleek back hair as on your website.I'm sorry but I guess you'll have to re shoot this. I don't intend to be negative about your effort, but I'm just trying to achieve the best look possible for the magazine. Also, would need pics for each step. Would recommend you try the two tone lips in bright colours, as on the runway. And a white background would be perfect."

This is the first two-tone lips look that I sent to Cosmopolitan for their story in March, and that's an email I got after. I'm sharing the email, because it properly - and very politely - explains why the look didn't work.
Truth is, I kinda knew it was coming, and I didn't get mad or disappointed. Before that, I really didn't know what kind of photos they needed...what to wear...what background...how to pose...the works. It was based on a Spring trend, so I decided on an outdoor background. The day I did the shoot was very gloomy in Newcastle, as you can make out from the lighting in the photos, so I could only click a few because it was freezing! Most of the pics came out too dull and blurry, and I wasn't happy with them. I think I was a little bit happy that I had to do another look.