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The Best Inexpensive Red Nail Polish

Men are not complicated. If they break up with you, they're just not that into you.
In that case, you get over it and wait for another man who will be. While you wait, go get something red! Like a cheap-but-good red nail paint?
I'm talking about Nail Juice Nail Polish in Hibiscus. It's opaque with just one coat, it's glossy, it's GORGEOUS! I'm loving it to bits.
Price ~ Rs.50. Woohoo!
It available in some beauty stores in India. I got it from Commonwealth Store in GK M-Block Market.
I've shown other shads in an old post here 

Any other inexpensive red nail polish you know of?

Collecting Girly English Tea Cups

While you wait for my next beauty post, I thought you might like to look at my girly cups.... gosh, does that sound.... my English tea cups!
I love drinking tea, and I love vintage and floral tea sets. I want them all!
Polka dots, floral + polka dots, stripes, floral. These are my everyday cups. I got them from Tesco for only £6 (Rs.500)
Last year, I got another set from Sainsbury's. I posted a photo on Instagram then. I was going to do a special photoshoot with the mugs (I had this image in my head), but I didn't get time. I took them to India last time, and I left them there, because they're heavy and I didn't want to risk breaking them while shifting around  
That's a cart photo I took in the supermarket. They're by Katie Alice. Her products are so pretty and vintage. I'm thinking about getting a cake stand and a full tea set.... shhh, don't tell the husband! ;)

Do you like tea sets? What are your favorite kind?