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A Change ~ No More Reviews

This is just a formal announcement that I will no longer be doing Reviews. Now before you go 'Whatthaf....!!!', please hear me out first. I will still talk about things I like and don't like, but there just won't be long reviews anymore. The Good....The Bad.....The synonym searching in my head....The bullet points..... The boring.
I will only concentrate on giving you clear pictures, swatches and of course I will jot down a few lines about the products.
I've always hated doing reviews, because there's always this pressure to be 100% right and 110% sure about what I'm saying. Every time I start to write one, I feel like I'm putting myself in a box, and I can only get out of it if I'd seen every scratch inside that box.
I take hours and hours to click and edit/re-size photos, and when I'm done, I just want to move on to other things asap, but reviews hold me back. Sometimes a review gets delayed just because I'm unsure. I don't know everything. You see REVIEW in the title, you assume the writer has ripped apart that product, and put it back together. I may have done that, but I'm too impatient to sit and talk about it in detail.

Review: The one thing I hate to do in this blog, so I'll have to let it go, with everything else I hate. I don't even read them much in other blogs. I look at the pictures, I read a few lines, and I know if I want that product or not. 
I also do not like the word 'R-e-v-i-e-w' 
Hope you can understand my decision, and don't worry, I will do posts like Best & Worst products, so that way you still get mini revie--- you know.
Btw, would you still like me to "Rate" the products? I know some of you like to see numbers, so I'm not sure if I should stop doing that too. Let me know!

Imperfect Look With Illamasqua I'MPERFECTION Collection & Swatches

Products Used:
Face ~ Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Medium, Rimmel Stay Mate Powder 
Cheeks ~ Illamasqua Blush Duo Katie Ambition
Lips ~ Illamasqua Immodest Lipstick 
Eyes ~ Products listed in my previous EOTD post here 

Now I'll show you swatches and talk about the products.....
I gotta hand it to Illamasqua for presentation. These products came to me in a cardboard box filled with cardboard noodles & polka dotted feathers. Yeah, polka dotted feathers. Faux, of course. I threw away the box, but I kept the feathers. I was going to use use them in my look up there, but I couldn't remember when I put them that day.
Illamasqua Powder Blush Duo in Katie/Ambition, £28 (Rs.2347) ~ Katie is a matte baby pink with a silky smooth texture & Ambition is a muted pink with tiny golden shimmery bits, and has more of a frosty finish. Both apply smoothly, and complement each other when worn together. I adore the sleek compact case with mirror.
Katie, Ambition

Illamasqua Blush Up Brush, £28.50 (Rs.2388) ~ This has got to be the most interesting brush I've seen lately. I knew I had to have it from the moment I laid eyes on it. It's a stiff brush but with super soft bristles. It's the perfect contouring brush because of the shape, it's perfect for under cheekbones and sides of the nose too. But boy, is it pricey! 
Illamasqua Lipstick Immodest, £16 (Rs.1341) ~  Such a gorgeous bright pink in a classy square-ish packaging  But the finish is disappointing. It's matte, but not a smooth-looking matte. It is dry, chalky and stiff, and doesn't apply well. It is fragrance-free.
The silver lining (or, pink lining?), however, is it leaves behind the most gorgeous stain I'd ever seen on my lips.....
All Illamasqua I'MPERFECTION products shown are available on www.illamasqua.com  . They ship worldwide.
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Disclosure: Products in this post were sent to me by brand for consideration. Review is based on my own experience & all opinions are my own, as always. To know more about my posting policy, please go HERE.