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Video Tutorial: How I Created My Look In Cosmopolitan Magazine

Over 1 month later than promised, here it is! It went up on my Youtube Channel after 11 pm IST last night....after I waited over 3 hours for it to upload on YT. But it's okay
Pics from the magazine issue here, in case you're new here.
Why this delay? Computers are to blame for this. The laptop I edited this video on didn't work without the charger anymore (battery spoilt), so I decided to take Mr.CZ's old laptop to India, as there used to be daily power cuts in my hometown. I quickly transferred video, and happily thought I'd upload it from India after I'd seen the magazine issue. I found out in India that video couldn't be played in the other laptop...maybe coz it's Windows 8...I don't know! Then the hurried move to Scotland happened....and then the wait for broadband. The End.
Still, I apologize for the delay. 

Anyways, hope you like the video....and think my editing is a little bit better than my purana (old) videos =D
*The lighting is bad in some parts because the sun was shining in my face.

I was going to do a voiceover, but I couldn't do it right. I bought a mike attached with funky headphones and everything- like a DJ's, but then the background noise (including vibrations from the fridge) was deafening. Hoping I'll learn all the techie stuff before the next video. 
Do you know what's arrived? My birthday month! Hola! I better start looking for things to wish for & lust after... I mean material things.... I know Zayn Malik is too young for me, okay- even younger 20 days from now! ;p (Gosh, if malik of my heart and soul sees this....)