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I'm A MAC Lipstick. Is That My Cheaper Dupe?

I hate it when people say something is a dupe, and when you go look at it...it's clearly not. So to avoid any disappointments, I'll let you decide whether this is a dupe or not.
The original is a popular MAC lipstick, and the other is an inexpensive lipstick by an Indian brand. 
I will reveal this "Possible Dupe" only if I get more than 10 Yeses. 
YES or NO?

My Vanity ~ Stage 1

I finally unpacked most of my beauty products last night. This is what it looks like right now. It's clutter-free, but not for long. Those drawers are still in a mess, coz I still have to figure out what goes where. That's a nice mirror, but it's hung too high! I can't see my face, I can only see my hand when I raise it (...and wave it like I just don't care!) But it's fine, cos there's a huge full-length wardrobe mirror on the other side of the room.
What's missing?
  • A candle that matches the wallpaper.
  • A lipstick rack. Right now, they're all stuffed in a mini travel bag.
  • Flowers. Fake ones, of course. I don't know what kind, but ivory-colored.
  • A lil' accessory for the mirror Can you guess? ;)
  • A basket or tray to keep knick knacks. 
  • Another makeup brush holder. 
  • A small vintage clock.
  • One more jewelry/necklace holder.

Basically, I want the theme to be "vintage". By that, I mean I want more golds & ivories, and maybe ditch the girly pinks...well, not all of them =D

Will show pics of all the changes I make in Stage 2.
Mr.CZ will freak when he sees this post. I know exactly what he'll say- "You want to buy more stuff?! You know we won't be able to pack them all when we leave, right?! We'll have to throw them away!"
He says 'throw them away' like it's going to scare me. I get mad, and I say, "I'll throw YOU away!"
But I know I should think twice before I accumulate more stuff. Even packing from Newcastle to here was a bit of a hassle. Sigh, I wish I could turn into a camel whenever we have to move.