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Celebratory And Crazy Artistic EOTD After Apartment Hunting

We got back late from Dundee on Friday night. Yesterday was supposed to be a day to rest with only Grey's Anatomy, but somehow I ended up doing this look- not just eyes, a whole complete look, which I will post shortly.
*It's okay if you don't like it. Even Mr.CZ found me very scary-looking =D
I guess I felt inspired, coz we finally found an apartment we liked in Dundee, Scotland. Btw, we'll only be there for 6 months.
[To be continued...]
Products Used:
  • Minty green + turquoise eyeshadows from MUA Poptastic Palette. SORRY I WENT FOR THIS COLOR AGAIN! I DON'T KNOW WHY!
  • Urban Decay Blackout (black) on bottom lash line & corners of top lid.
  • Black and silver glitter is Collection Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner in Rock Chick.
  • Lakme Kohl Ultimate to tightline & to smudge on bottom lash line. 
  • Max Factor 2000 Calorie Curved Brush Mascara on top & bottom lashes. Review here.
  • Demi Lashes are Bourjois Faux & Fabulous Lashes Lady In Black. Shown here
  • Eyebrows:  Urban Decay Blackout (black) &the same glitter gel liner on top. 

So.... The Story of  our 2-day apartment hunting: 
Day 1:
We were supposed to view one apartment. We met the agent in front of the door....she lead us inside and it was one of the most dingy walkways I'd ever seen! Red door, grey cemented walls & floor, dirty stairs.... Mr.CZ & I looked at each other with horror. As we started ascending the dirty stairs, the agent stopped walking, turned to us, and said, "There's a nice apartment on X street. Would you like to have a look at that one?"
We: "YES! Is it better than this?"
Agent: "Yes, much better. It's a brand new apartment. Nobody's ever lived there. This one *she scrunched up her nose*", then she lead us back out into the street without showing us the apartment at the top of those dreadful stairs. 
We reached X Street. I noticed a book store, a takeout restaurant named Curry-something & a nice bakery. We're going inside a door next to the bakery. Ooh, apartment is above the bakery! 
It was an odd-looking (read: down-market) walkway. There was a small messy garden with a clothes line,  and 3-4 black garbage bins in the corner. First impression was a put-off, third rate. Then we reached the stairway with minty green walls...and we stopped outside a metallic door.
We got inside, and OMG it's a brand new 3 bedroom apartment, and it's very nicely done up! Grey carpeted floors, L-shaped couch in kitchen-slash-living room,  multi-colored cushions, fun colored lamps. It had all the amenities & white goods. The bedrooms were awesome with the same type of decor as in the living room. 
1 of the extra bedrooms looked like this

We fell in love (mainly coz everything's new), and immediately wanted to take it. It's so meant to be, we I thought. Agent informed us there were a couple of interested students who viewed it earlier that day too, but they want couple tenants for the place. Okay, now we must take it asap! Long story short, we had to wait till the next day to know if the owner of the place, who's all the way in Hong Kong, will agree to 6 months. [We cancelled rest of the viewings that evening.]
Mr.CZ was uneasy that whole night coz he really wanted the place. I played the calm-whatever-happens wife, but ya, I couldn't stop thinking about the colored lamps & cushions & contemporary kitchen.