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Primark Shoes I Picked Revealed!

I put up a post asking you to guess which color shoes I picked from Primark (post here & in my Facebook Page). You know I like to play those games ;) Thank You to all who commented! You must know me quite well, coz none of you picked black/white =D
Yes, I picked the RED ones! They're red, right? Coz Mr.CZ and a few of you said they're coral. I don't know....I guess coral-red.

So the ladies who guessed right are:

  • Bhumika
  • Narindra Evah
  • Sukanya
  • Miss Bo Peep
  • Poorva
  • Wajiha Sajid
  • RJ
  • Geetz
  • Adaa
  • Preeti Kaur 
  • Malavika Gadiyar 

Congrats! =)
To the others who guessed Pink/Black pair: There was a 90% chance of me picking them over the red ones, BUT..... 
The buckle is a little different from the red & black pairs. See, it extends way to the front, so they didn't fit well- too loose.