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The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Mini Pet Floral Hand Cream Review

Now that kitty is cute. I like that kitty. I would pet that kitty. But my neighbour's kitties are both evil-looking. I don't know why they keep staring at me from outside the window when I'm clicking blog photos. Wait, I'll show you at the end of this post.
Let's talk about this hand cream first. You'd maybe assume that I'll be biased because it's cutely packaged, but I'm telling you - truthfully, yes - that the hand cream is awesome! It smells nicely floral, but I can't tell you which flower(s).  To me, it's one of the best smelling hand creams I've ever tried/sniffed.
The texture of the cream is buttery-cum-silky, and it has actually turned my chapped knuckles into silky smoothness. Ya, my knuckles were chapped like they used to get when I was a kid playing with sand & marbles. I used a lot of other hand creams & body butters, but they got better only after I started using this, The cream moisturizes my hands without leaving a greasy feel. The cream's consistency, and the whole concept for that matter, is similar to that of Etude House Missing You Hand Cream.
Price ~ Rs.500 from Sephora, New Delhi. You'll get it for around Rs.250 +free shipping from Ebay.
Quantity ~ Tiny. That jar is about 2 inches long.
My Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ 4.5/5
I will definitely buy more of these. The cute containers will sure come in handy for other things. At the top of my head: stud earrings, lip balm, another hand cream, etc....oh, maybe even salt & spices =)


Okay, about the real kitties next door.....
Neighbour's Kitty #1 ~ I was clicking lipstick pics and doing lip swatches and I was so startled (read: horrified) to see those eyes!
Neighbour's Kitty #2 ~ At first, I thought it was sleeping & the eyes were closed, but no, it's looking right at me.

Cat lovers. please don't hate me. I'm sure they are harmless kitties, and half the reason they terrify me is because I've never been a cat person. But, I must also say, I have seen cute cats before.

Shopping @ SEPHORA, New Delhi

I'm back in Newcastle. We reached yesterday afternoon.....decided to take naps at around 4:30 pm..... slept like logs.... and we woke up the next morning! 6 flights in 3 weeks.... phew... no more!
This quick Sephora trip happened in the 1st week in New Delhi, before a family dinner at Punjab Grill (it has the best lamb chops!) I didn't really want to buy anything, coz most of the stuff I would have wanted- Benefit, Soap & Glory - were cheaper in UK. NYX products are also cheaper from Ebay.