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LOTD/OOTD: I Haven't Gone Shopping For 34 Days (and counting)

My shopping ban started last month when I decided to save for MAC Archies Girls Collection. I thought it would launch around Valentine's Day, but no. It did launch only online exclusively at Selfridges, but I want the thrill of buying them in stores. Touch all the products... swatch them.... die a little inside when something nice is too pricey.
Hence, shopping ban stretched further than expected.

Yes, I've bought hair & skin care products, but they don't count coz they're everyday necessities, and I got them at a supermarket with groceries.
I also bought shoes from Ebay. Those don't count either, because....because they don't count!
23rd Feb, Saturday: I planned to go only to Primark & Superdrug - I'll feed the hungry beast some small snacks before the meal, like a pair of earrings & 1 lipstick, I thought. BUT it snowed heavily. Plan cancelled.
24th Feb, Sunday: Fever & tonsils attack. I could hardly move from the couch. That's a message from the angrier beast.
So.... shopping plan moved to 1st March...... until.....
I called MAC store to ask about Archies Girls launch date, and they said 7th March
Now I have to wait till the 7th.
So altogether: No shopping for 42 DAYS! Beast, please! Try to understand!
Feeling Blue? Wear Yellow!
Sweater: Primark  |  Skirt: Nichii (Malaysian brand). It's the same skirt I wore in my birthday outfit post in 2011. I love it so much and have worn it so many times.  |  Inner Collared Black Shirt: Penny Lane  |  Tights: Primark Super Cosy Tights with fleece inside...LOVE! |  Earrings: Aldo Husselbee. Shown here  |  Bow Sunglasses: Ebay. Shown here.