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Sleek Oh So Special Palette Review & Swatches

For a long time after I got Sleek Oh So Special, I tried to put a finger on something that's not right about it. I stared at it....and pondered... but I couldn't figure it out. I put my photo alongside another photo from Google, then I saw it! The eyeshadows do not have the waffle design. Sheesh! I used to like that. I guess it's only done on limited edition palettes?
I'll let the pictures & swatches do most of the talking here. I'll just say that I love almost everything about this palette. I highly recommend it! There are festive shimmery shades, and there are everyday matte shades. If I had to pick one inexpensive/drugstore eyeshadow palette to gift to a friend, this is it. Cute shade names like Bow, Ribbon, Gift Basket & Celebrate make it all the more gift-worthy.