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LOTD ~ Big Hair With Babyliss Volume Waves Tong

Do you have a dream hairstyle? One that you have always imagined yourself with, but have never been able to achieve it? Sometimes you're sooo close to it, then *BAM!* the stupid hairstylist trimmed it too much or burned part of it during rebonding; OR you ruined it yourself by doing something equally stupid- like, streaking with Fem Bleach or spontaneously giving yourself a "razor cut" with some puraana blunt scissors and you ended up with high-low hair (one side shorter than the other). And then it's only just a dream, again.
My dream hairstyle is a longer (on the sides), pouffier (at the roots), shinier, evenly colored (dark roots make them look flatter) version of what I have here. Dreamy, romantic, cascading waves.....like cashmere between his fingertips.....yeah yeah.
But a dream hairstyle is like everything else in life. If you want it, you have to make an effort and get it yourself!
So.... I got myself a curling iron. I've always wanted one! I had a hard time trying to decide between Babyliss Volume Waves Tong & TRESemme Salon Professional Volume Curls Tong . In the end, I went with my gut. By that, I mean I went with the more established hair styling tools brand.
Barrel Size- 38mm (1 and 1/2 half inch)
Plates- Nano Titanium Ceramic 
Heat Settings- 155°, 170°,185°, 200° C.
This was just a trial, and my 1st time using it. I will come back let you know if it makes me happy, how to use it, products etc, another time. But first impression was quite good, considering I didn't really make an effort. The curls started to flatten at night, but the waves & volume were still there the next day.