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Sleek Makeup Suede Blush Review & Swatches

I have decided that while I'm in the UK, I'll buy a lot of Sleek Makeup. I feel like I owe them. You know what I'm referring to, right? If you are a new reader, don't worry, you'll find out in a minute. (Oh, and HELLO! You found this vanity at the right time ;))
Moving on: I recently got the Oh So Special Palette. Are we even yet? 4 products so far.... nah, I have to buy some more.
Moving on some more: Sleek Makeup blush in Suede is my new-found love. It's special because I was smitten the minute I saw it and, unlike most of the products I buy, I had never really seen it  around on the internet and seen swatches and reviews. Maybe I saw, but I wasn't paying attention. So, it was like I discovered it. It is the perfect nude blush. Do you remember Colorbar Just Earth Blush? I'd say this is a peachier version of it.