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Indian Women Reveal Their Make-up Habits & Secrets

This is an infographic that Revlon India sent over after they got the results from polls they conducted in their Facebook page in an attempt to understand Indian women’s habits on cosmetics. More than 70,000 women participated in these polls. All this was part of the launch of the revolutionary Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème

Let's see what my habits & secrets (if that) are:
I am BUGGED most by foundation that.... is too dry to blend effortlessly & end up looking cakey.
I normally apply foundation using..... brush. Sometimes with fingers. If you want to avoid the unnatural look, get a synthetic buffing brush like the Sigma F80
How often do you apply foundation? It's part of my daily makeup routine. It makes everything else look better.... look complete.  
How much time do you spend applying makeup? 15-30 mins. 
Which compliment would you feel happier to receive? "WOW! Your skin looks flawless! It's glowing! It doesn't look like you have makeup on!"  =D
How many times do you touch up your makeup in a day? Powder- once or twice, depending on the weather. Lipstick- more than 3 times for sure.
What's your skin type? Oily/Combination. Verging on Normal in winters.
[Err... what about "How much are you willing to spend on a foundation?" 
I'll answer it anyways: No more than ( Rs.1000 Rs.900 if it's a drugstore brand.] 
Good news:  Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème retails for Rs.800. I will be reviewing it soon-ish.
If you feel like it, do copy the questions and jot down your own answers in the comments below =)

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MAC Archie's Girls Collection!

How did I not know about this sooner?!!! MAC is releasing a collection inspired by Betty & Veronica of Archie's comics. Oh....my....bows!
Did you know? 
You know how I came to know?
My blog stats. A bunch of people looking for "MAC Archie's Girls swatches" landed here last night. It was more than once, so I got curious.
My first thought was lipstick from some new collection. I hadn't thought about Jughead's two-timing idiot friend in a really long time.
I did my favorite thing. I googled.... and.....