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Bows & Hangers

Just something I did today - after vacuuming the house =)
Ribbons are from a throw and cushions I got from Primark (the green ones in the pics). You know the ribbons that tie them up? Ya, those. I didn't want to throw them away. How can anybody throw away ribbons? Hangers are also from Primark too, btw.


  1. awww dey r too pretty... i even loved ur earlier ones... can u plz show how u do dos adorable bows...

  2. This is super adorable! I absolutely love ribbons- I might prettify my hangers like this :)

  3. Bows are always pretty :) gud job :)

  4. Could you please do a video tutorial on how you made those bows? My bows never turn out so perfect- the loops are never straight!

  5. Lovely and Classy They Look Cynthia ma'am...:) <3 Shrutika


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