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Outfit Of the Day, Mini Haul & Some Very Thoughtful Gifts From The Man

One: Posing in that position (maybe 7 times to get it right) will make your thigh muscles very angry at you. Going down the stairs was a pain even after 2 days! >.<
Two: I ended up sitting in most of the pics because the camera kept cutting my head off.
Three: Please excuse the messy background. We always think about tidying it up, but it's always raining & wet. Sheesh, I didn't even notice that stick branch on the ground until I was editing these pics.

New! Maybelline Super Stay 14 hours Lipstick.

No more melt downs!

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Never drying, always fresh and comfortable, the new SuperStay 14Hr Lipstick offers a multitude of vibrant shades in just one step that delivers a lightweight feel like never a longwear has before. It lasts 14 hours without ever drying, crumbling or feeling tight.

With its super stay power, this lipstick sets you free! Just one application and you’re all set for the day. No dragging, no fading, no drying…..but stunning gorgeous lips and lightweight feather feel!

A combination of technologically advanced formulations and make up expertise Maybelline New York strives to deliver the best to you. Superstay 14hr is made of silicone film for smooth comfort and lightweight polymers for the ultimate long-lasting effect. The entire collection boasts a blended mix of 16 vibrant shades of pinks, corals, reds, plums & browns perfectly crafted to suit the Indian skin tone.

With proven long wear results, satisfactory reviews and high ratings you can be rest assured of confidently flaunting your perfect lips.

So, feel extremely comfortable, soothing and fresh always. with the new Superstay 14 hrs lipstick and get the lip look you love!!

Price ~ Rs.525
Availability: 16 Shades across Maybelline New York Counters.

♥ Cynthia Z *.*