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SHOPPED! Revlon (FREE Sequins Nail Polish Alert)

I went into Boots to get a hair dryer. Typical me went straight to the makeup counters first. I decided to pick up some Maybelline products because of the 3 for 2 offer.
I couldn't decide on the last product, so I strolled over to the Revlon counter. There I saw the Sequins Nail Polish displayed proudly. I want it! I want it! Then I saw FREE not for resale, and you get it ONLY if you buy 3 Revlon products. I'd already picked Maybelline products, and we had to get home!
Mr.CZ: "So are you going to start all over again?"
Me: "Nah, it's okay. I'll come pick it up another time." 
In the queue to the cash counter:

Mr.CZ: "Are you happy with the stuff you got?"
Me: "Not so much. I think I'd be happier with the Revlon products. Sequins!"
Mr.CZ: "Come on then. Go get the Revlon products only."
Haha.... I think he knows me better now. Remember the Accessorize Bow Necklace episode? Btw, I just picked these products in a hurry, but they're all nice....