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Random Life In Pictures ~ Closet, Home, Snow, Etc

Hope you're having a nice Saturday. I had one of the worst days yesterday, but whatever....it's over now.

Life is so unpredictable right now. I don't know where we'll be living next year. Maybe in the UK, maybe in another country..... but one thing's for sure- I'll be in New Delhi for some days around March-April...woohoo!

My Closet: Sorry for the bad lighting, it's very dark in the bedroom. I'm very very lazy when it comes to organizing my closet, so it's easier for me to show you a non-messy one when I don't have much clothes. I need more hangers. I have not filled most of the shelves. Definitely need more shoes =D I don't keep the ones I've worn outside on the wetness & mud in here, so I have about 5 pairs near the door downstairs.
Jane Norman Belted Woolen Dress ~ Best buy & most-worn! Got in on sale for £15 (Rs.1300). It can be worn as off-shoulder or cowl neck.
Perlini Faux Fur Leopard Print Bag ~ Old. Got it years ago from Singapore.
Booties ~ Vincci   

THANK YOU Maybelline UK

One night, I was browsing the Maybelline UK website & my eyes chanced upon this section. Something about FREE Fit Me Foundation Samples. I signed up- just email, name & address. I didn't take it seriously. I thought "Eh, whatever happens." I think it was about 2-3 weeks ago, I'm not sure.
Today morning noon, Mr.CZ came to wake me up:
Mr.CZ: "It's 12 o'clock. Time to get up."
Me: "Hmmm...." *didn't open eyes*
Mr.CZ: "Something came for you.... from Maybelline!"
Me: "REALLY???!!!" *wide-eyed...took package & inspected it*
Mr.CZ: "Oh my God, look how she's fully awake for that."