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MAC Angel Lipstick ~ Look & Review

Apart from Shaggy's insanely popular song, 'Angel' makes me think of a story a college roommate told me about that still makes me LOL to this day. A guy (admirer) had handwritten a love letter to her girlfriend:
"Blah.... blah..... blah........
...... You are my angle."
I think it's actually one of the most misspelled words in the English language. 
Sometime this year, I saw In Facebook:
  • Proud mother put up photo of her kid with caption: "My little angle." 
  • Status of some girl: "Treat me like an angle, and I'll show you what heaven is like."

Uhm, wrong angle, dudes! 
Coming to topic in hand, MAC Angel. One of MAC best selling lipsticks. I'll start with the look I did with it.