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Lipstick Crush! It's Not Red, It's Not Pink....

I have a huge crush on this lipstick! I want to wear it everyday. Yes, I'm wearing it right now. It's a two-faced lipstick - it's neither red nor pink. It's perfect. 
I'm talking about Deborah Milano Red #9. It's that gorgeous!

NEW! Maybelline New York Hyperglossy Liquid Eyeliner

A new eyeliner has hit the Indian market, and we hope the pointy applicator is as good as it looks!
Claims: Maybelline New York Hyperglossy Liquid Eyeliner  is enriched with 24-hr vinyl film formula that gives the glossiest and smudge-proof black line. The hyper reflective polymer and hyper coated carbon black allows the liner to glide smoothly over your eyes leaving an even film of intense color. The patented soft flexible brush does not allow smudging or clumping. The liquid based eyeliner draws a smooth clean line without any crease and allows you to go sleek and boldly chic! This astounding product dries quickly and lasts up to 24 hours, giving your eyes an intense color and shine.