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MAC Holiday Collection Haul, Photos & Swatches

What I wore to go buy these: Mint dress, black leather jacket, black tights, black shoes, mint bow bag, mint nail polish.
What I bought: All mint-cum-black packaging [I got the pink kit a few days later, like a sensible woman.]
SA (Sales Assistant): "So, you like green, huh?"
Me: "I guess so. Look at me!"

Later at the cash counter:
SA: "I'll give you a green shopping bag." (the silk bag with zig-zag print & bow detail.)
Me: "Oh, thanks! Err...actually, I wouldn't mind the pink one, since everything else I got is green."
SA: "Oh, alright!" *took out pink bag and put it in the MAC bag* [Wrong choice! My head screamed at me.]
Me: "Umm, sorry to trouble you, but now I want the green one."
SA: "Okay, no problem! *LOL*",  then she said to another SA: "She likes green!", and they both laughed. 
Such nice & friendly makeup store SA's here!