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Colorbar Cocktail Brights Nail Lacquers: Bloody Mary & Plum Grenadine

Feeling the Monday blues, here's a cocktail of nail polishes for you. Cheers! 
(L) Plum Grenadine, (R) Bloody Mary

Superstitious Beauty ~ Using Your Index Finger Is Bad?

I grew up in a culture of many superstitions. We take sayings of old people so seriously that we  had to memorize them for exams in school. But this one about the index finger is not from the books we studied, it's just a superstition I grew up with.
What they say: Never apply medicine with your index finger, coz it'll make it worse/antagonize the problem. Use this (middle finger) instead. (Btw, this generation consider that finger very bad too, grannies!)
Do I believe in it? I have never used my index finger to apply anything, especially on pimples. I don't use it to apply scrub, eye cream, moisturizer, eyeshadow primer & all makeup. I use it along with other fingers, but not just the index finger alone. Even on other people I don't use it. So ya, I guess I believe in it =)
Pointing with your index finger is also considered a bad thing. "Don't point! Don't point like that!", I would be scolded when I was young.
Is there a scientific reason behind this?  I don't always believe in science, so I have no idea. You could google it, if you're curious.
Have you heard about this? Any superstitious sayings you believe in? I'd love to hear them! 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*