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Beyond Vanity ~ Autumn Leaves & Scented Candles

While vacuuming the kitchen floor, I looked out and saw autumn leaves all over one side of our backyard (thank you, neighbour's tree!) They look so beautiful! It hasn't been raining much, so they're dry & photo-friendly. Two things that have been making my make-up room smell (like heaven) really nice came to mind - Glade Scented Candles.
Purple is Winter Berries ~ So sweet & fruity. It smells like my favorite mints of all time Wrigley's Extra Forest Berries, which I've only seen in Malaysia.
Pink is With Love ~ This smells gorgeous....like a princess. Somewhat like the Lakmé Perfect Radiance Day Cream (that just occurred to me, so proud of my nose!)
Price ~ Around Rs.200 each, which is not bad for the quality.