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Karva Chauth For The Unconventional Indian Wife

Happy Karva Chauth to all the married Indian ladies! How are you holding up? It's still afternoon here (UK), so I'm not feeling famished yet....just slightly dizzy.
Let me explain what Karva Chauth is to non-Indian readers: It's is an auspicious day when Indian/Hindu wives fast for the long life & prosperity of their husbands. They don't eat & drink from sunrise until the moon rises.
I didn't know it's Karva Chauth today until yesterday evening. I've told you before that I was born Christian, and I didn't grow up with this tradition. But I married a Hindu guy, so I do it mainly to honor & respect the tradition he grew up with. My mom-in-law allows tells me to have fruits, milk, water...but I'll just have my tea, and maybe water if I feel like fainting =D
What I'm having all day: Tea & mints. When you don't eat, you get Halitosis (in simple words: bad breath) so.