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LOTD ~ Modern Cleopatra

[Letter body taken from TV series 'ROME'. Antony was so devastated, he killed himself after reading it. Truth was, Cleopatra was lying in the letter.]

Some believe that Cleopatra was the original Samantha Jones (Sex And The City). A while back, I took a Facebook quiz- 'Which Shakespearean woman/character are you?' - and I got Cleopatra (hoped for Juliet or Portia, dreaded the Lady Macbeth). That's how I know that. My old favorite tv series 'Rome' portrayed her as an insatiable pharaoh. She had short cropped hair & was addicted to opium. So, I guess the Facebook quiz was right. I'm kidding! My guilty pleasures are way too..... modern.
I guess you know what she used to kill herself? Ya, we won't go there *shudders*