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Nicki Minaj Inspired Makeup Look

Did you miss the OTT, crazy & fun make-up looks on here? I really missed doing them, and I'm aware they're the reason some people come here. I know, I know... even my Bollywood Babes series is hanging in limbo, just give me some time with that. Right now, I'm in the mood for spontaneity & quirk, maybe coz it's Halloween month! More make-up looks coming up.....very excited about one in particular (I just received some jewelry from Ebay, but I still need a few more items & bangs for my hair to complete the look.) No, two actually. I'm excited about 2 crazy OTT looks! =)
I didn't give this one much thought, and I think I should have polished the eyes a little. Oh-kay, enough babbling. Hope you like!