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Vaseline Pink Bubbly Limited Edition Lip Therapy Review & Giveaway

Every year Vaseline launches a Limited Edition lip balm. Last year it was Crème Brûlée, this year it's this one right here- Pink Bubbly. How cute is that name?! I adore the packaging too, very lingerie.
Before this was officially launched, Vaseline held a contest. They sent this tin, but with a plain unbranded lid, to selected UK beauty bloggers, asking them to design the lid & guess the name of the next Limited Edition Lip Therapy. What's most interesting was, they also sent them a few things as clues:
  • A balloon
  • A scented candle 
  • Pink Champagne Truffles in a heart-shaped box
  • A champagne flute
  • Etc.
The Winner + 1 winner's blog reader win a trip to Paris! 
So cool, right? I would have loved to design that tin, and I wouldn't have done it for Paris =)