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The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream 01 Review [Edited]

Sorry for posting so late! It's almost quarter past 5 pm over here, and I was hesitating to post this. But.....
Since so many of you were waiting eagerly for this review, I put it it at the top of my to-do list. Also, I want you to read it asap, coz I guess most if you ladies must have just gotten your paychecks a few days back & all ready to pounce on all the new beauties on the block ;)
What it is: A white BB Cream that changes color once it touches your skin, and adapts to your skin tone. A little flag next to it in the stores read "No.1 Selling Product in Indonesia". They mean in The Body Shop store, I'm assuming. 
* BB stands for Blemish/Beauty Balm. Please read more about the purpose of BB Creams here
Shade: I am using 01. I picked 02 the first time, coz in my hurry to buy it I just saw 02 & 03, not knowing there's also a shade #01! I reached home, and googled. Found swatches, and saw 02 looked pinker than 01, so I decided to go exchange it while it's still sealed. Unfortunately, 01 wasn't in stock for weeks (even on the day I bought it), so I got my cash back & returned the BB Cream. Long story short: 01 was finally in stock and....and.... I got it for a little bit cheaper than the first time coz  of some discount. Woohoo! 
*All 3 shades are on the pinker side. No yellow undertones, which I prefer.