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MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Haul & Swatches

Went to MAC in Fenwick (a dept. store like Debenham's) to buy 1 lipstick & 1 blush from the newly-launched Marilyn Monroe Collection.
Selected 1 lipstick- Love Goddess, 1 blush- The Perfect Cheek, False Lashes.
Calculated. Damn this Great British Pound!
Reluctantly put away the False Lashes.
Paid for the other 2 products and left store..... feeling very uneasy.
Stopped about 4 steps away from the entrance.
Stood there for 10 minutes....thinking.... thinking.....staring, but not really looking, at the flowers in a florist shop nearby.
Time to go back..... to MAC, yes.
5 minutes later, paid for (False lashes) (Charmed, I'm Sure) Scarlet Ibis.
Left store..... smiling this time. 
Ooh.... fuchsia pink & yellow carnations!