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Makeup For Glasses

Okay, I really look like a nerd there. Please excuse the semi-wet hair with the frizzy ends. I'd just washed it, and dashed out the door. These are car pics, and I didn't plan to post them, but I ended up really liking the makeup, especially the blush which I applied a lot more than usual.
Now I don't need to wear glasses, I only wear them "for fashion" Although, my left eye is quite weak. If I cover my right eye, things get blurry, especially when I look far. It's also the eye that turns to Tokyo, when I'm looking at China. It's a weird eye.
What I learned? More is more. I think four-eyed beauties can get away with overdone make-up. I did my eyes a whole lot darker than they appear in these photos. Lips have got to be bright, so skip the n*de lippies.