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Beyond Vanity: Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke Cans

I love to click pictures of beautiful & unusual things. Every once in a while, I'd like to share with you things that I really like, beautiful things but unrelated to make-up..... things Beyond Vanity. I find fun & creative things very inspiring, and I hope they inspire you too.
I'd like to start with the Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke cans. I don't drink Coke, or any other aerated drink, for that matter. I love my tea. But Mr.CZ can't live without Diet Coke/Pepsi. He got these the other day, and showed me the 'cutedifferent' packaging. My jaw dropped. I had just seen a weird photo about Jean Paul Gaultier for Coke in the recent magazines. You know, the one where some girl is holding Gaultier's head? I mean, photo of his head? I had no idea that this is what it's all about. These cans are gorgeous!
There are 2 types of cans designed by Jean Paul Gaultier- Day & Night. These are 'Night' cans, featuring Gaultier's iconic corset  and cone bra design. The 'Day' cans feature Gaultier's signature Breton blue & white stripes. I like the 'Night' ones better.