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Meet My Forever New Bow Wallet!

Remember when my handbag was stolen in Goa last December? Well, I didn't find a wallet to replace the one that's stolen along with it. I'd been using a very old tattered cream/gold Nine West one. I washed it once, and the water left brown/rust marks on the material that it looked dirty =\ . But still, I kept using it, like a cheapskate (even hiding it from store managers at the counters) I just didn't want to buy anything I didn't fancy enough, I wanted something different....something that isn't black....something girly.....something with a bow....something that would fit in a small handbag....Where, where are you???!!!
Then the week before I left Delhi, I saw it. THE ONE. I almost screamed and jumped up & down in the Forever New Store. 

Liese Bubble Hair Color Platinum Beige Review, Swatch & LOTD

I know, I know. I'm very very late with this review. It's one of the pending ones from India, and I've had these pics for 4 months! My dark roots are already about 3 inches, and I'm thinking about changing the color again. So, I want to quickly show you how Liese Bubble Hair Color Platinum Beige looked on me.
I love Liese hair colors mainly because the bubbly foam makes it very easy to color evenly without missing any spots at the back of the head.
Platinum Beige is an ash brown shade.