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My First Primark Haul ~ Bows, Bows & More!

Primark is one of UK's most popular shopping destinations, and I went c-r-a-z-y! I found the prices very reasonable, and I think you fellow Indians will do too. The designer(s) & I have at least one thing in common - a love for bows. I went oh-my-bows every few minutes!
Let's start with the twosome that made me squeal, literally: 
  • Metal Bow Bag & Skinny Belt ~ £8.00 (Rs.695), £2.00 (Rs.174) Because they belong together! [Matching purse & Berry color also available] *Hey, imagine matching shoes ♥_♥

Maybelline The Jewels Berry Brilliant ~ Product Of The Week

Berry Brilliant. Berry Nice. Berry Autumn.
Another gorgeous shade from Maybelline The Jewels Collection. Since I made it Product of The Week, I'll quickly quickly chat about it today. 
996 Berry Briliant