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Life Of An Indian Beauty Blogger In UK ~ Settling In & Shopping

Just letting you know that we reached Newcastle safely. It's been crazy since we reached on the 11th- shopping for household necessities & walking A LOT (phew!) It gets really cold in the evenings, but I'm glad there's sun in the mornings. We are really happy with the house, it's cozy & clean, but I get scared to go upstairs or downstairs alone at night. The neighborhood is really quiet. I rarely see people around, but I see one black & white cat with green eyes, a lot. Yesterday, it perched on the fence below and just stared at me through the kitchen window! Creepy, especially since I'm not a cat person.
That's the backyard of our house. I can't wait to mow that lawn. Yes, we have to maintain it too. See that wooden door on the left? That's the garden shed. And no, I have never mowed a lawn in my life hehehe...!