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Newly Discovered Makeup Products

You know what I really love to do?
Look into other peoples makeup bags. I don't mean seeing what beauty addicts post in their blogs and YT videos, I mean in person. The real nosy way. 
The same with dressing tables. Say, I come to your bedroom, and you have a vanity table busy with colorful stuff, I'll go snoop around there first before I even greet you. Okay, maybe that's just what I'd secretly want to do.
The products I'm showing you today are mostly what I discovered in my hometown friends' vanity tables & makeup bags. Thankooo! =)

  • Cathy Doll BB Cream ~ How cute is that packaging?! All my friends were using this, and it looked very good....and smells really nice compared to other BB Creams I've used.  It's got whitening ingredient - Glutathione - in it, and SPF 59 PA +++.  It's an Asian brand. I ordered from this Ebay seller for $13.17 (Rs.733), Free Shipping. I got it in 6 days! Will review it later.