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Shoe Haul Preview & Where/How To Shop In My Hometown

I'm NOT supposed to shop. We all know that, since I'm moving & am carrying only 2 bags to England. But come to my hometown, Shillong, and you will go c-r-a-z-y! This is OFFICIALLY the best place to shop fashion in India. If you can't afford Bangkok, come here, okies?

Color: They are fuchsia pink, they just look reddish in photo.

Size? 34. Little bit loose, but once I put insoles in the front, they fit. Not sure if I'll be able to walk properly, though =D

How much? Rs.1600 ($29.00). I think it's quite cheap (since I'm used to city prices), but some of my friends still think I was ripped off a little. Original price- Rs.2300.

Where to shop in Shillong? I've been asked this many times. Best places are Glory's Plaza Tibetan Market (opposite Glory's Plaza). Both in Police Bazaar. For more shoes, also go to Daluja's complex. There's a store called Shoe Emporium there, which sells trendy & formal shoes. In the same complex, there's a shop called Exotica for jewelry. For more formal clothes, visit Body Basic in Laitumkhrah. they sell dresses, gowns, shoes, etc- brought from Hong Kong, Bangkok, and similar places.

Tip #1: Always- always - cut the price in half, or less, when bargaining here (in shops where there are no price tags). They say 1500, you say 600. Then increase bit by bit when the saleswoman/man shakes head like you're about to rob them. You say 620-650. They will normally agree at 700-800. If the rascals still act pricey at, say, 750, you shake your head and start to walk out of the store. They will call you back- in most cases. A little drama usually helps =)

Preview of how many shoes? Three. For now. Staying here for another week. But ya, I probably won't buy anymore ;)

Happy Weekend, everyone. Talk to you again tomorrow. 

Oh, I'm currently obsessed with this song.....

It has inspired me to do a Nicki Minaj-inspired look when I come back :) .....

......*googles nicki minaj wig*

♥ Cynthia Z *.*