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Mint Sunglasses, Gold Hoops & A Cheap Heart

Hi! If you're wondering where I disappeared to, I'm in my hometown! So obviously posting is gonna be a bit irregular. I've got that MTS thingy for internet, which is very slow! =[  
Anyways, let me tell you about the story when I almost missed my flight for a simple Accessorize heart pendant. Mr.CZ, whose call I ignored at the time, doesn't know this story, and I will get an earful when he reads this, but....eh, I get an earful from him all the time, anyways ;p
So, after security check, 20 minutes before boarding, I saw 70% OFF stickers at Accessorize, and immediately went in. I got lost there ('Should I buy this? Should I buy that? Is this cheap enough?' situation.) 
" So-and-So flight number xxxx to Guwahati is now boarding at Gate number xxB" 
Yeah, yeah. I tried a long gold necklace with 8 keys hanging in the center. 300 bucks. Hmm, must buy it. Oh, letters I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U at the end of each key. Uff, like I don't wear my heart on my sleeve enough, now I gotta wear it on my neck? No!
In the end, I bought only the gold heart necklace. I left the store and ran towards the boarding gate, which was f-a-r, coz it's the big international airport. Then....then....I remembered what was missing- my laptop bag! I had put it on the floor next to the counter in Accessorize! Oh-my-godzilla! I ran back to the store - in heels - and it was still there. Hauled it, and ran again.....boy, the gate was so far! I remembered one of my niece's/nephew's small scooter thingie- you know the low type without pedals or anything- you just sit, twist the handle & it starts rolling? Ya, that would have come in real handy that day. But it's okay, I reached my plane- last passenger, but reached.