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July Favorites & Fashion Haul

Bye bye, July. Hello, August! The month I'd been dreading, and excited about, at the same time. Gotta start packing for my hometown, and do a lot of pending laundry...... so bore!

Let's start with the haul, and then the beauty stuff.....

Forever 21 Mesh Yoke Bodycon Dress N*de, Rs.799 ~ I thought this was quite reasonably priced, and it was THE LAST PIECE available that day, so I took it as a sign from up above that I had to....had to....get it! I talked to myself in the store too - "It's the last piece.... S size.... it's meant for me only. Yes, we have to buy it."  This goes very well under the Forever New Peach Sorbet Trench.- for England maybe ;)
Forever 21 Mesh Yoke Bodycon Dress

Benetton Cherry Print Tank Top, Rs.? ~  From Benetton Kids! It's for 12 year olds, I think. Who cares if it fits, no?  I wantz ze cherries on ma baaddy.

SPF & PA Facts ~ Pick The Right Sunscreen For You!

Today, I want to share with you some information about SPF & PA stuff. We buy sunscreens, but are we buying the right one? I, for one, have learnt a lot from this, and I know exactly what type of sunscreen I should be buying henceforth.

Hope it will guide you too!

Information below provided by HUL India, and I'm in no way an expert on such things =)

What is SPF & PA?

What SPF is right for you?
Step 1- Choose Your Skin Type: Type III, Type IV, Type V, Type VI
I'd say I'm a Type III 
Step 2- Duration of time spent in the sun: Less than 2 hours, More than 2 hours 
For me it's less than 2 hours, on most days.
Step 3- Recommended SPF: According to the chart, I'd need SPF 30. If I spend more time in the sun, like at a beach (woohoo!), I'd have to use SPF 50.