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My Lipstick Collection

This is for all you LIPSTICK ADDICTS! My Lipstick Collection revealed!
It was requested many times, and I've actually been meaning to do it for a long time now, but I always thought next week....next week....procrastinate ++++.  Now, I can't delay it anymore, since I'm leaving my home & country (reason here)
*Please Note: This is what we Beauty Bloggers do, and we NEVER call it "showing-off", okay? =)
That's never the intention. I personally enjoy seeing other people's makeup-collections & how they store them. I mean, we buy & review them, so we also need to see how they live too, no? 
Since I put all my lip products in this stack of drawers, you'll see my other lip products too- lipglosses, lip balms, etc.
These are Nayasa drawers I've shown you before. On top there is the Vanity Organizer from Home Stop

3 drawers. Top- Lipsticks, Middle- Assorted/Messy, Bottom: Lakmé