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SALE Madness At ZARA & My Haul

ZARA Store, Select City Walk Mall, New Delhi, 6th July '12, 17:30 PM (Friday):
The world went silent, except for my own heartbeat. I'd been waiting for this for weeks. Nervousness, fear, annoyance, confusion, and excitement, consumed me all at once as soon as I entered the store & I saw piles of tops on the tables, and some littered on the floor along with a few hangers. It was a battlefield of fabrics & sale-crazed women. Mr.CZ spoke of the long queue at the cash counter, and I pretended not to hear. I walked quicker to my favorite section- TRF, like I always do. It was a little calmer, but nonetheless messy. 
A while later, it was time to go to the main section. As I was confused where to go first (Tops? Coats? What's that mint-colored thing on that rack?), a girl in a black coat said something to me. I couldn't hear her at first (it looks like a dress....skirt?)
"You're Cynthia.", I think that's what she said.
"Yes?", I said, wondering if I went to college with her.
"I read your blog", she explained.
"Oh, hi.....!", I smiled for the first time since I entered the store. We chatted for less than a minute (Hello, Jasinder! :))
Then I was lost in the frenzy again. I was bumped into uncountable times, and I was chanting 'Excuse Me' almost every time I turned. I imagined holding a gun up and yelling "Get out! All of you! Get out!" 
Below are pic of only the TRF section. The main  section is 10 times busier.