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Makeup For Passport Photo & Tips

I got a new Passport photo taken recently, and thought I'd show it to you all, although I might regret it =) Now I'm not claiming that I'm a 'pro' at good passport photos. I'll never be, and I've made peace with that. But I have learnt from past mistakes, and this time it turned out a lot better than all of my previous photos.
I look at an old Passport Photo and this is what I think:
  • Hair too limp & flat (I went to the studio with just-washed-partly-wet hair), so face looks too big, nose & cheekbones too sharp.
  • Expression looks too mean & nostrils flaring too much.
  • Lips too glossy.
  • Eyes too dark. You shouldn't have overdone the black kohl.
  • Big silver hoop earrings? Really?!
  • White shirt with white background? Sigh.
  • You look too MADE-UP! It's a struggling studio that you'll find out had shut down in 2012, not a cocktail party!
Now let's talk about my new photo. First things first, the make-up! It's supposed to look subtle, and we tried our best.