Looking For Something?


What's IN?

A lot of things. Too many! But here, I'll list the 6 at the front of the queue in my Trend & Whims Book 2012:

  1. Caviar Nail Art ~ I prefer one color to the multi-colored up there. Very easy to DIY, if you can get hold of teeny-tiny beads. Crackle nails are OUT for the moment- in my book.
  2. Waxing ~  True story: I started to get my body & underarms waxed only in December last year & now I'm hooked. I just love how my skin feels after waxing & it even removed some of my Goa tan! Shaving is OUT-OUT-OUT! Period.
  3. Ombre Hair ~ Darker at the roots & lighter at the ends, like a gradient. LOVE! I just colored my hair a very light brown during the weekend & I'm gonna find a stylist who can ombre the ends after a few weeks. Fingers crossed.
  4. Toner ~  I did some thinking & experimenting, and concluded that if you want to prevent pimples, use a toner! Angry bacteria... alcohol in toner will prevent it from growing & forming a  pimple. I've been religiously toning my face after cleansing for over a month and..... those pimples I usually get a week before that time of the month are no longer cystic.  I loved The Body Shop Cucumber Water, and I'm now trying Nivea Sparkling Glow Toner. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize- I get it now.
  5. Rose Gold Watches ~  Michael Kors set the trend, and now they're seen everywhere! The rose gold watch of my dreams looks somewhat like the one right there- with some bling, basically. Whatever the price (under Rs.20,000), I will work hard (and err....save =\) & hopefully get it before December ;)
  6. Hi-Low Dresses & Skirts ~  I was obsessed with Hi-Low/Asymmetrical dresses back in high school & college, and I had a few tailored. Now they ARE trending & I couldn't be happier! I recently ordered a skirt....waiting impatiently for it. If you only wear traditional Indian suits, you can make the kameez high lo & wear it with fitted churidar pants- fab! (Want!) 

Have a good week, everybody!

♥ Cynthia Z *.*