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Accessorize BOW Necklace

Saturday, 9th June '12, 15:50 PM: 
That's when I laid eyes on it. A dull gold bow hung stiffly on a string of mini pearls. Oh-my-bows! I gasped. I reached out to feel the grosgrain texture & the pronounced curves on the metal. My fingers slid behind it & lifted it to feel it's weight. I was dispassionately relieved that it's only as heavy as a two-rupee coin. I stood there and stared at it, transfixed.
My mind did it's thing: 'It'll go with almost everything.... with that dress I just ordered from Ebay.... I need gold shoes with a bow..... Oooh, it'll work as a bracelet too.....  How should I photograph it?....  Oh, it looks like a bow tie. Who'd wear a gold bow tie?! Mmm.... Chuck Bass! And that colorful cricket man Sidhu!.... Which earrings should I pair with it?.... So pweety!.... Wha--? It's moving away from me.... WAIT!'
Reverie snapped! Mr.CZ was tugging on my arm to lead me out of the store, while telling me it's better to buy it in July, coz that's when the SALE starts- as informed by the salesman, who was by our side the whole time (like a predator)
Oh okay, I agreed. Makes perfect sense, I thought. Ya, I'll wait. Ooh, maybe half off!
As we drove out of the basement parking, it hit me hard. REGRETI actually let go of something that doesn't come by easily! Forget July, it'll be gone this week, I just know it! What have I done?! My insides coiled into a knot that made way up to my throat. I couldn't breathe.
I made a pouty-mouth-furrowed-brows face, that can be very persuasive- sometimes. "We are not going back.", he said sternly, reading my mind face. I wanted to say- 'Maybe just stop the car NOW, I'll marathon to the store, and be back in 5. Less than 5! I'll take off my high heels & run barefoot!', but I swallowed the words along with the lump in my throat, and freakishly wondered if Accessorize does 'Home Delivery'.
Anguish clung to me & went home with us. "You know me better than that!", I half yelled at my 'shopping adviser', and dove head first on the couch.....*Melodrama*
I survived 3½ days & 4 nights without it. In all those days, I took a moment to stick my tongue out at myself in the mirror. YOU know YOURSELF better than that.