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MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick Review, Look & Dupe

Rumor has it that MAC Ruby Woo lipstick is:
  • The perfect red lipstick for every skin tone 
  • One of Gwen Stefani's & Dita Von Teese's favorite red lipsticks 
I've thought about getting it for years but either I forgot, or it was never in stock. This year alone, it wasn't available twice. Then during a lunch break on a very unpleasant day last month, I was at the mall and quickly dropped by the MAC store- I thought: If it's in stock, I'll buy it & if it's not, I'll walk out. But we already know it's not.
Bang! SA said it's in stock! Woo........!
It looks glossy only because it was very very hot (it sweat!), otherwise it's very matte-looking like below....