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Oh-My-Shoes! Nude, Aqua & Black Peep-Toe Pumps

I was at a shoe shop last week - after a long long time - and this is how it went (If my Hindi is bad, please excuse.) :
Me to Salesman"Yeh sabse chhota size dikhao" (Show me the smallest size in this)
Salesman: "Madam, 34 sabse chhota hai" (Madam, 34 is smallest size)
Me: "Haan, dikhao!" (Yes, show me!) 
I try the 34 and it's still a little bit loose.
Me: "Bhaiya! Size 33 dikhao please", I made a pleading face...okay, desperate face. (Brother! (We call all salesmen 'brother' in India) show me size 33 please)
Salesman: "Madam, 33 nahin milta" (Madam, we don't keep size 33) 
Me: "Bhaiya, aagar 33 hain toh mein sab colors khareedoongi!"- with a dramatic hand gesture (Brother, if you have size 33, I will buy all the colors)
Salesman looked stunned for a 3 seconds, then he told me to sit down. He asked for some black spongy things from some boy, stuck them to the front & back of shoes (refer to pics), then told me to try them again. They fit! Opera 'aaahhh....' in my head.