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Illamasqua Naked Strangers Collection For Summer 2012

A place where alter egos are laid bare and naked flesh is a source of unashamed inspiration. In this delicate tipping point between intimacy and pleasurable detachment, we revel in the unknown; exploring the distance between pure Monogamous, gilded Faithful and uninhibited Swinger. Exposed nude tones, adorned with rich licks of gold, leave you gasping for more. Don’t restrain yourself. Unless, of course, you enjoy it. 
Naked Strangers captures inner glows and depths. The deeply and darkly alluring exists alongside ethereal shimmering brilliance. We are complex and multifaceted whilst also being naked to the world.” ~ Alex Box, Illamasqua Creative Director.
“Naked Strangers represents everything about borderlines...the human edge between romance and permissive intimacy...a step beyond control, a step past the edge and a collection of gilded moments upon the tip of sensation. Beautiful nudes with metallic edge set amongst eclectic textures.” ~ David Horne, Illamasqua Director of Product Development.
Nail Varnish (£13.50)
Dress up your nails and explore your fantasies with our award-winning Nail Varnishes. Are you Monogamous (creamy flesh pink, matt finish), Faithful (coppered metal) or Swinger (glistening platinum gold)? Apply a lustful layer then answer our question. 
Lipglosses (£13.00)
Lick your lips then smooth on a rich layer of Intense Lipgloss in Stranger (platinum gold) for obscene levels of pigment. Alternatively, apply Sheer Lipgloss in Intimacy (nude pink brown) on naked lips, to tease and tempt your lover. Or lovers… 
Blushers (£16.50)
Stark naked might mean no clothes, but who said anything about no make-up? Create a provocative flush that lasts all night with Powder Blusher in Naked Rose (neutral beige brown) and Cream Blusher in Zygomatic (naked pink brown).
The Naked Strangers collection is available from Thursday 31st May 2012 globally.  Illamasqua ships internationally.

♥ Cynthia Z *.*

Inglot 4 Eye Shadow Square Palette & Swatches

How have I never laid eyes on the Inglot 4 Square Eye Shadow Palette before? It is so damn cute! I feel like I'm holding some kind of gadget, like, one of those hand-held Tetris games....or Blackberry?
And....Why the heck did I buy the 5 Round Palette when the Squares are bigger & priced the same??!!
Anyways, it's only Squares from now onwards. This is my favorite palette I made at Inglot, I think. Though the colors together don't make much sense, they are all amazing! But they do wear better over an eyeshadow primer.