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Lipstick That Didn't Exist FOUND!

You remember I did a post on Lipsticks That Don't Exist? Just when I'd given up, I found something very very close to the plum one up there! Yippee! I didn't even remember the non-existent lippie when I got it, I only realized it until it was on my lips.
It is MAC Rebel. I always thought it's leans towards red when I saw swatches on other bloggers, but when I wore it, it's much more of a deep plum almost exactly like the one on the model. Thing is, it tends to look more red than it really is on camera, coz of the purple undertones.

It's described by MAC as a 'Midtonal Cream Plum' and has a Satin finish.

I will post swatches & a look soon to give you a better idea.

♥ Cynthia Z *.*

Colorbar Spearmint Eye Shadow + 3 More Shades

I'm obsessed with the color Mint these days, so I thought I should own a good mint eye shadow too. I googled, but couldn't find anything I liked:
  • Too light.
  • Too chalky.
  •  Uhm, that's too green/blue to be mint!
Then I saw Colorbar Spearmint, and fancied it enough to buy it. Of course, 300 rupees ($5.35) made it easy. It has a pearl finish, which is better for a pastel shade, coz matte pastels tend to look chalky.
"Use Before 06/12" Wth? I forgot to check the manufacturing date!