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The Make-up & Shoe Addict's Birthday Cake

I'm sowwie for disappearing for 4 days straight! I have no excuse, except maybe that I was feeling a bit uninspired, and on top of that, I was staying at my in-laws for 3 days- eating & gossiping, mostly. Now I'm on full blogging mode again....so much to say....to tell you...yes, I have some kinda big news too (for later)
Right now, it's all about the cake.We're talking GUCCI shoe & MAC make-up! Oh-my-bows! \(^.^)/ My sis-in-law (Mr.CZ's elder sister) made me this cake (She completed her baking classes & is making a lot of cakes for practice these days) It's one of the most thoughtful, sweetest, things anybody's ever done for me, I couldn't thank her enough! Though my birthday is today, I cut this cake on Saturday already.
That's a shoe box & the white is supposed to be a silk mat- it's so cute that she made the fold