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What's On My Coffee Table?

Coffee addict lover in the house! *Ting, ting, ting, clank, clank, clank.....* I mixed my coffee- hopefully into a cream-colored creamy frothy goodness. He hears it. The annoying sounds are too familiar.
Mr.CZ: "Are you making coffee again??!! I really don't think you should have it anymore...it's not good for your migraine." (Coffee usually gave me headaches.)
Me:  "I read on the internet that coffee actually cures migraine!" (Hah!) 
No, I wasn't lying, I read it here. I think one cup a day is fine. Now that I have a cup every evening (I call it best part of my day), I don't feel weird in my head, anymore.
  • Wooden square coasters (far left)
  • The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Honey & Beeswax Hand & Foot Butter (One of my favorite TBS Product)
  • Mr.CZ ;p Really, he looks like him! It's a Fizzy Moon bear that came with a cup Mr.CZ gifted me one Christmas.
  • Goofy mug- It holds pencils, makeup brushes, eyeliner....random things.
  • Mini Zodiac Books ~ I just find little books very cute! Gemini & Virgo = Moi & Mr.CZ.
  • Nici Donkey Picture Clip ~ No pictures here, just some notes & reminders (....& greetings)
  • eos Lip balm in Sweet Mint ~ My current lip balm for this room.
  • Mobile Phone: Samsung Galaxy Ace ~ DON'T BUY IT! It keeps shutting down for no reason =[
  • Art d'inox tea/coffee set
  • And yeah, the very fake yellow flowers.

Books: My 'Princess' Diary (filled with nonsense), The Sense Of An Ending- Julian Barnes (Brilliant! Re-read material), The Magic-Rhonda Byrne (Yet to practice it everyday, but I will! I so believe in Magic!)